raspberry PI2 power drop

Hello, I’m new here and also starting now with the home assistant so forgive my English and if there is already this question or should post in another topic. Come on, I have a raspberry pi2 installed on it the hassio, everything working normal without error log, but in a lack of energy I realized that it does not return to work, nor ping to the raspberry ip. If I restart it from the inside or if it turns off it returns normal, but in drops of energy it does not return, then I have to reinstall from the beginning, what can be? Has anyone had this problem? Thank you

Use a USB power supply to power it, not a mobile charger or a USB port on a device. The Pi2 needs a sustained 1.8A at 5V, which neither phone chargers or USB ports on devices will supply.

Hi Tinkerer, I’m using the original 5V 3000mA source. Will the files corrupt with a power outage?

Potentially yes. That’s always a risk regardless of the power supply - if you lose power suddenly then the file system can become corrupt.

Thank you, I will improve my electrical system so that there is no lack of energy for the raspberry. Thanks again.