Raspberry PI3A+ - How to migrate SD card to SSD (boot from USB)

As written in the title I would like to migrate to SSD (I already have it) to improve stability/performance… but possibly in the easiest way

I tried the Method 2: Create Home Assistant Image From SD Card and Burn It on SSD at https://www.makeuseof.com/home-assistant-migrate-from-sd-card-to-ssd/ which appears to be very easy but… it didn’t work (no boot from USB)

Can someone pls help?

I think that this topic is of interest for many people

Thanks in advance

Pls note that since the PI3A+ has only 1 USB port I have an USB Hub where I attach the SSD disk… (I tried anyway as test to remove the USB Hub and attached the SSD directly to the USB port but it didn’t change anything… no boot!)

Try these instructions:

It is recommended to use a powered USB hub (the hub has its own power supply) because the SSD and other devices plugged into a non-powered hub can exceed the Pi USB power limits which causes problems.