Raspberry pi4 and sound

Hello to all;

I am trying to get some sound out my raspberry pi4, but still have no luck.
I installed Mopidy in Hassio but that play only on my laptop.
But i want it to play on my homesystem true the raspberry pi4 output jack.
Is this possible?

I use this addon https://github.com/bestlibre/hassio-addons but i have Raspberry pi 3, try change audio output settings.

Thanks but i already use mopidy.
I think you mean that addon.
but can you send my your config?

local_scan: false
  - name: spotify/client_id
    value: xxxxxxxx
  - name: spotify/client_secret
    value: xxxxxxxx
  - name: spotify/username
    value: xxxxxxxx
  - name: spotify/password
    value: xxxxxxxx

thanks very nice