Raspberry substitution

HI, do you know if is possible to substitute a raspberry that I think is broken to another one?
To many’s in all the config of home assistant I have only to transfer my sd card? There are others steps?

Thank you for your help

If they are the same model, you can simply swap the SD card out and HA will work. If you have a DHCP reservation setup in your router, you will have to redo that as the new rpi will have a different MAC address.

If you are going to swap from one type of rpi to another type (3b → 4 or 4->5), you’ll need to take the /config folder off your existing rpi and reinstall HA on the new rpi. Then just copy the /config folder to your new installation and you should be good to go.


Wonderful thank you so much!!! :smiling_face: