Raspberrymatic rfd error

After performing an upgrade to HomeAssistant 2022.9.6 and restarting the Raspberry PI 3
(hard restart power plug) since lovelace (webui) stopped working, my Raspberrymatic can’t get the
rfd service working. It worked just fine till now, and the issue happened directly after restart. Im on raspberrymatic addon RaspberryMatic in the lattest version.
I have attached the log from the webui here. Do you have any ideas how to fix the issue. I have now loaded a home-assistnat backup with 2022.9.5, but it did not fix the isse.

Mounting /data as /usr/local (Home Assistant Add-On): OK
Starting watchdog…
Identifying host system: oci, OK
Initializing RTC Clock: no hardware found
Running sysctl: OK
Checking for Factory Reset: not required
Checking for Backup Restore: not required
Initializing System: OK
Setup ca-certificates: OK
Starting logging: OK
Init onboard LEDs: init, OK
Starting irqbalance: OK
Starting iptables: OK
Starting network: eth0: link up, fixed, firewall, inet up,, OK
Identifying Homematic RF-Hardware: …HmRF: HM-MOD-RPI-PCB/[email protected], HmIP: HM-MOD-RPI-PCB/[email protected], OK
Updating Homematic RF-Hardware: HM-MOD-RPI-PCB: 2.8.6, not necessary, OK
Starting hs485dLoader: disabled
Starting xinetd: OK
Starting eq3configd: OK
Starting lighttpd: OK
Starting ser2net: disabled
Starting ssdpd: OK
Starting ha-proxy: OK
Starting NUT services: disabled
Initializing Third-Party Addons: OK
Starting LGWFirmwareUpdate: …OK
Setting LAN Gateway keys: OK
Starting hs485d: disabled
Starting multimacd: .OK
Starting rfd: …ERROR
Starting HMIPServer: …OK
Starting ReGaHss: .OK
Starting CloudMatic: OK
Starting NeoServer: disabled
Starting Third-Party Addons: OK
find: /usr/local/etc/monit*.cfg: No such file or directory
Starting crond: OK
Setup onboard LEDs: booted, OK
Finished Boot: (raspmatic_oci_arm64)

I think this is a question for the raspberrymatic forums.

ok, do we have a rasperrymatic forum here, or do you mean that I should open the issue on the corresponding Raspberrymatic Github. I am rather new to home-assistant, thus I am not sure where my questions would fit best. Thanks

You’ll have to find wherever raspberrymatic is supported.

Possibly this issue: HASS Add-on broken on HASSOS 9.0 · Issue #1942 · jens-maus/RaspberryMatic · GitHub