RaspberryPI 4 - restarts so slowly

Hello guys!
I’m new here! I installed Home Assistant to connect there all my smart things and connect it to homekit. I was using Homebridge but it had some problems and not all things worked properly. When I was installing it, it took 10 min to show the webpage and next 40 min to load everything and then I was able to create an account. Now I restarted it and it took 20 min again. I tried to install it on 2 sd cards and I have the same problem. I haven’t installed any plugins/smart home things yet. With homebridge I didn’t have those problems. I use Raspberry 4 with Microsoft Phone’s charger(it’s working properly and it gives enough power), I have really fast internet, connected my device via ethernet cable. I have no idea what’s wrong with it. I care about this because it makes doing everything nearly impossible. Maybe it’s problem with Raspbery because it’s really hot and I don’t have case with cooiling system. BUT Homebridge was working properly and really fast :smiley:

BTW I’m new to those things and it could be a little bit hard to program on this so could you explain everything step by step :smiley:

Thanks for helping me

First of all if you still running RPI4 + HA + microSD then you should first get rid the microSD. Why? it slow and you will soon get a fail microSD. If you want a great casing for RPI4 then check out ArgonOne M2 its a have the best cooling system and you can run fast M2 SATA drive via USB.

If he just started with HA, than he’ll be just fine with an SD Card. I have mine running for nearly 2 years now and I make frequent snapshots. The only tweak for SD card longevity I made, was to have the history written to my NAS in a db, rather than have the history on the SD card.

A reboot usually takes my system a couple of minutes and a full restart can take 15-20 mins. And I do run quite a bit of integrations, add-ons and custom components.

Hey again Guys!
First of all, is the special case with cooling system needed? I don’t want any fan. I cannot fall asleep with the fan turned on. So if it’s needed, is there any case without a fan but with a good cooling system? Secondly yesterday, when I tried to install it and noticed it is slow, I bought the faster SD card. I hope it will make HA much faster. Is there anything I can do right now because I have more inmates in apartment and they are a little bit confused because they were used to it. I am afraid it’s slow because the instalation process was really long, I used the official instruction and it was saying that installation process should take around 20 min and in my case it was 40-50 min. I was searching that in some cases it is turning 3 min on raspberry so this is why I was unsure about that :smiley:

But if it’s normal, then thank You guys for answering!

I have my Pi4 running without a fan. Just a very open generic case and a couple of heat sinks (which came with the Pi4). All runs just fine. If you’re running it as a dedicated HA instance and you aren’t trying to run things that will max your CPU out (such as image processing), you should be just fine without a fan as long as your case is nice and open.

To give you and idea, under normal load, my Pi4 CPU load is rarely above 20%. It spikes to about 60% when I run HA updates.

Do you have an A1 or A2 class SD card? That can make a difference in performance versus “normal” SD cards. I have an A2 in my RPi4, and have my data partition stored on a USB3.0 SSD. My experience with performance so far has been good, only a minute or so to restart core or a few minutes to full reboot.

I have class 4 SD and tomorrow will arive class 10
Maybe this will solve the problem