raspberryPi+raspbian+ha, install failed

anyone knows how to fix this issue?

Thanks for the logs but I do not see much useful there.
You are installing on Raspbian. What specifically are you trying to install?

  1. Hassio
  2. Docker based Home Assistant
  3. Python venv based Home Assistant (manual install)

Troubleshooting steps would depend on type of install. I have done 1 & 3 on my Pi. I am currently using Hassio on Raspbian Lite.

Looks like maybe some kind of network error. Either on your side or the HA side?

The installer goes to the internet to download all of the files it needs.

I’m trying 3

Thank you for your apply :slight_smile:
I am sure the network is fine.
Everythine goes well until comes the unknown error

Enough free disk space in the root filesystem?

yeah, disk is pretty enough.
whatever, I just resolved it by modify some codes. now it works fine.
thanks for all your replies!

What did you do to fix it?

It might help someone else if they have the same problem.