Raspbian (Debian 10) does not qualify?

I was checking my system today, and I found this:

And reading this: 0014-home-assistant-supervised

Where it states that I need NetworkManager 1.18.0, which is not included in Raspbian 10 Buster. I do understand, that this type of installation is no longer going to support people with the same setup I have?

Does this mean, that I will end up with a non-working system in the foreseeable future? Because I do understand from this, that I am forced to re-install everything, if I wish to comply with the “Standard” that Home Assistant is now supported on.

Or is this just a “boo-boo” in the check for Supervisor, and are people like me “safe” using this setup?

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Except for the OS, you can fulfill all requirements of ADR-0014 on raspbian buster.
You have 2 options:

  • leave as it and ignore the warning
  • take a snapshot, install Debian on your Pi, restore the snapshot.

Thank you for your answer. But isn’t it better to wait until the official 64 bit version of Raspberry Pi OS? And will this be supported? I would like to stay as close as possible to something that is provided by the guys from Raspberry Pi.

The 64-bit version of Raspberry OS does show in HA as Debian (buster)

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So, that means: Install 64-bit version of Raspberry OS, and I will be fine! YAY! GREAT!!! Thank you again!

With install Debian on Pi you mean the official Debain Buster IMG?

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Read the info. its still beta. Do you have lot id bug problems?

No bug discovered yet.


I was looking on the RPi site yesterday and only saw 32bit versions so this is a 64bit beta? Good to know…