Raspbian with Docker on RPi 3B+ not complete install, missing side menu items

I have a Raspbian install on a Rasberry Pi 3B+, installed docker and Portainer on this and so far so good. I managed to have a complete install before and have backup from a earlier complete working install.
Due to a hick-up I have instaled Raspbian Buster again and docker is installed as well Portainer again. I did a pull for homeassistant/raspberrypi3-homeassistant and this works except that I don’t have the side menu with the confguration part and restore backup functionality??

There were some Buster issues with Docker before, are they solved, does somebody know how to get the full docker homeassistant working again?

You mean snapshots and the hassio menu? Well you installed Home Assistant not hassio so that would be why… Otherwise, make sure you have default_config: in configuration.yaml (you should have it)

Thanks I will try that and see if it will add the menu

There’s nothing to try but to install hassio, since you’ll never get the hassio menu under regular home assistant docker containers

I have to install hassio instead, did not get the menu option back to restore the backup. Will put hassio back unforyunately as I liked the concept of docker, i is not stable enough on buster and maybe it will be different.

Thanks for the help

Hassio only runs on Docker, whether you’re using HassOS or running on Debian in Docker. You can install hassio on Debian…

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