Raspi 4 - Bluetooth discovery

Hello. I was using Raspi 3 with bluetooth without problems. All devices platform mitemp_bt and miflora were discovered and visible.
After moving to Raspi 4 - this integration is not working well. However bluetooth is working for sure, I can see discovered devices using bluetoothhctl but with strange results - some devices like macbooks are discoverable and some not (miflora).
Anyone have the same observations? Any suggestions?

I basically see the same thing. I think the rpi4 is a RF radiator, making it basically unusable for those purposes.

I ended up using a rpi3 for everything RF related (BT/Zigbee), that I located far away from the rpi4, which holds the “main” HA.

On the rpi3, I have a “slave” HA that sends sensors data to the “main” one via mqtt.

Thanks Chris,
Wow, that’s interesting solution.
So it could be hardware limitation… Hard to believe that RPi4 is “worse” in this case.

FWIW, I created a blueprint to automatize the sharing of sensors via discovery: MQTT State Stream to MQTT Discovery

Any specific configuration on HA to use HA as a “main” and other for a “slave”?

Well, the slave has the “statestream” and the master the “discovery”, but no, there is no such notion in HA itself. The 2 instances are plain HA installs.