RasPi with two ConBee2 sticks (Deconz + ZHA) - will it work?

Hi guys,

So I currently have RasPi 4 with ConBee2 stick running HA + Deconz, and so far I’m quite happy with it. But I would like to try ZHA as well, without setting up additional RasPi. Is it possible to add another ConBee 2 stick to my existing setup and use it with ZHA?

Will it work? Will the 2 of them interfere or fight? Has anybody tried something similar?

(Main reason is that, from what I’ve seen, ZHA generally exposes more entities and supports more “obscure” devices, so I’d like to try and play with both systems)

Thanks in advance!

It’ll work, as long as you use a USB extension cable and use the /dev/serial/by-id/ paths for both ZHA and deCONZ, to avoid the problem of them trying to use the “wrong” stick.

Thanks @Tinkerer for the answer!
At the moment I don’t see path options anywhere in the deCONZ integration, but I remember something about it from when I was setting it up.
I’ll try to add correct device path when I’ll be adding ZHA integration.