Ratgdo 3D Printed Case/Enclosure for v2.0, v2.5, v2.5i, 2.52i, & 2.53i

I posted this on reddit [1] [2] and I figured I would share it here as well!

Since many of the new Chamberlin/LiftMaster garage door openers do not have removable light covers, including mine, I decided to make an enclosure to prevent any shorts and keep the PCB properly protected. There are several mounting options as part of the design!

3D Models for v2.0, v2.5, v2.5i, 2.52i & 2.53i:

Model files can be found on printables. Please consider donating via ko-fi.

Purchasing Assembled Kits:

To purchase cases you can visit my etsy store.

Version 2.5i, 2.52i, & 2.53i (Integrated ESP)

Version 2.5

Version 2.0


Bump because of updates.

I just ordered mine on Friday but it says 2.5 on the order I am unsure of what board I am actually getting.

I would suggest you wait to receive your board. Unfortunately, ratgdo is shipping multiple versions of the boards and there is no way to know which one you will get.

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v2.53i is now live on printables and Etsy!

Just ordered one from your store. Thanks.

Thank you! Much appreciated!