Ratgdo for Linux VM running on Mac OSX

I am dealing with the MyQ issue with Chamberlain Garage door opener. Since MyQ is essentially dead I tried with the Ratgdo, Great concept but beyond me. I cant even get to the basic ratgdo. to install the firmware/softare. I am unsure what driver to use. but tried the FTDI VCP drivers, The installation on Mac OS 12 errored out saying the drivers need updated error out but said they were installed. System information seems to indicate that the drivers were in fact not installed. Does anyone have any experience in this of is this just another case where I bit off more hen. could chew

I spent a couple of days trying to connect esp devices. Finally remembered that sim usb cables are power only.

These devices really “just work”. I would suspect cable if your pulling your hair out, especially if your taking about usb pc to usb esp connection

dont know what a “esp” is. The board s shows it power light . I think this box is more suited for a more knowledgeable peron than me. But hey thanks for trying.

Also try this to get driver installed

Ratgdo uses esp8266 or esp32 microprocessors

If you get past driver install the rest is actually really easy. I say this now but a week ago I had huge difficulty understanding Esphome and esp devices. Ratgdo was first device for me and like I said, getting the correct usb cable made everything else easy

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I am using home assistant. If Ratgdo requires an addition processor then I misunderstood and it certainly is not worth the investment. I am trying to use the
FTDI USB drivers. The documentation is way above my level

No. That processor is built into the RAtgdo.
Sorry I am causing confusion

Look at link I posted. Use that driver. Install that.

After install the driver. Open the Esphome web installer and select esp32. You will need to use chrome web browser.

The goal is to connect ratgdo to your pc and using chrome browser to open esphome web installer and seeing ttyUSB when try connect

Unfortunately for this purposes I am using a Mac Montery. The ESP site recommend if use a FTDI driver which I am. In the start of this I mention the error I received. Thanks again for the attempt.

I cam across this whi hm, the way I interpret its , says I have to use the Docker Version if HA… I am using the Supervise HAOS. I should not be in the world unsupervised.

HAOS uses the esphome addon

You do not need to install docker or any command line tools

My suggestion is to do what I said above and first install Esphome onto the Ratgdo using the web installer. This will allow the ratgdo to communicate with your Esphome and HA and give you the ability to do future updates over wifi(ota)

Doing what you provided as far as the driver is not possible for me. Remember I am essentially in idiot

when I go to

OS X Serial Driver Installation — Mac USB Serial 1.0.0 documentation

I try to buy a driver a so I can access them. the account. I get the following error

Note: Driver only works with MacOS 10.15 Catalina and older. Newer versions like MacOS Big Sur and Monterey are not supported!

I net ahead and installed ESP add on. That actually went well it started

I tried the web ui and Gert the screen to add a new devicee. I ASSUME the ratgdo to be ESP. (which I connected to by USB cable). When prompted I installed the SI driver but the add one cant fiind a port with it but I can see my Z-wave ports I am thinking that like with insteon and ZWave. I have to add a filter in the VM. with virtual box. I will try that later and see how that goes

still no luck with filters. at least it is only the garage door

What’s wrong with the docs? :page_facing_up:



Long story short: Don’t use a mac for this task as it seems to be to much of a headache :face_with_head_bandage:

well Mac is what I have. thanks !