Ratgdo - local mqtt control for your Chamberlain/Liftmaster security+ 2.0 garage door opener

it CAN be my issue, i dont know.
the reason i left it is because im new into Home assistant and there for i did not want to disconnect something working before a new ratgdo was working as expected :slight_smile:

i did but if you take a look then my GDO is different when what usually seen.
how do you believe my wiring is different?

my setup is also inserted into 0-2-3 like on the picture where it states " Rest of World Security + 2.0 Openers with e-serial terminal. ."

the wiring is differnt there…

I wouldn’t rule it out, but I still have myQ connected to my Security+2.0 GDO (with the standard no-green-terminal wiring requirements) and have had no problems with the wired wall panel (I don’t use myQ with it myself, so I don’t know if it has had any issues). I personally have left the connection so that some close family members can have access to my garage when they come over. They have myQ GDOs so it’s easier to share access amongst ourselves through that since they’re not interested in real home automation yet.

I’m more inclined to agree with @doctorkb. Loose wires can be the absolute devil and hard to diagnose at times. I used a lever connector to splice the wires together so I would only need one wire per terminal to better ensure a solid connection (which I did achieve after finding a loose ground wire terminal on the lever connector XD). The pass-through terminals on the RATGDO are nice, but there aren’t enough of them for me unless I want to modify the wiring to my obstruction sensors.

Did you get this working? Just bought a place and I have an old garage door opener ('96) that looks a lot like @farberm’s

Paul, I got my board last week but I’m getting “failed to initialize” when attempting to flash it. (It sees the board and goes through a minute of “preparing to install” but then craps out.)

I tried replying to the email order confirmation but I’m not sure that went through. Any troubleshooting steps I can try? Should I just order a new board?


Out of the many similar solutions posted on various topics and GitHub issues on how to resolve the ESP does not have enough space to store OTA file error, this was by far the simplest way to get around this. I changed my config to d1_mini instead of d1_mini_lite and removed the web server as shown here, which reduced the size enough for the upload to complete. Then I just removed !remove to re-add the web server and flashed it again. Done.
Thanks for this!

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