Ratgdo sensors working but not the buttons to open/close door or toggle the light

I had a garage door failure and the tech installed a LiftMaster before I could stop him (Wife was home to meet him). Had to toss the Athom (Reused on small garage door) and got the RATGDO 2.53i. Flashed and installed and had this exact issue (LiftMaster is an 8550). After trying everything I could find (Adopt to ESPHome via add-in, etc.), what got me going was to just remove everything from HA, and start over from scratch. After doing this several times, it started working.

I believe this is a rolling code issue.

Persistence is your pal on this and I wonder if Chamberlin is actively working to now block this device from being compatible somehow? RATGDO has to be their new worst enemy because this device is PERFECT!

Not sure why the third time was the charm, but hope this gets someone back into GDO bliss as I am now!


My MQTT firmware’d RatGDO had quit working - I could see status (sometimes) but not control the door, and had double checked wiring, converted wire ends to ferruled ends for better connections, etc.

Today I fixed it by bringing the ratgdo board inside, connecting it to my laptop and re-flashing it with the ESPHome firmware instead of the previously used MQTT verison.

Re-wired and powered it, and that garage door is re-integrated with Home Assistant now (I had to remove the previous MQTT-related entities and edit automations, etc. to sub in the new ESPHome RatGDO entity/triggers where the old ones were previously used