RATGDO. supposed to be plug & play but i must be missing something

Hey everyone. first time here.
so i havent yet learned the rules of engagement. so bear with me here.

Ive bought 2 ratgdo and i was hoping the installation would be plug & play
ive gotten so far that its flashed. available in Home assistant, but i am seeing random funtions working and then not working…

I got a High line 8 champerlain garagedoor opener with the connector that do look more different than what i am seeing on the internet. but i guess this is propably why im off track here

rigth now i got a MYQ garage door opener running (different wiring than what seen on the picture here from ratgdo)
but when i just add my ratgdo to these 3 holes and keeping my currently working MYQ setup installed too. im loosing the connection/ability to open/close from the MYQ and my wall button is this expected? or is it happening because of somekind of inteference?

is there a chance im missing something here?

im connecting the way im seeing it on the picture ive attached…

are there any common troubleshooting steps that needs to be taken? i dont have sensor installed or anything like that

i have also attached pictures of my own setup only with the MYq installation and also with the ratgdo alongside the MYQ

i have attached picture from my own setup only with MYQ and also with ratgdo installed alongside

Try asking here: Ratgdo - local mqtt control for your Chamberlain/Liftmaster security+ 2.0 garage door opener

Thx I’ll take a look