Ratgdo, trying to make it show up as just open or closed

What I’m trying to do is I have a card that shows the status of all windows and doors in the house, but the entity for the garage door will shop up as a button to open and close the garage door. Is there a way to make it just display the status as “Open or Closed”? I’m still very new at HA and I’m trying to learn as much as I can. Im running everything on a raspberryPi4 and I have all the latest updates. Thank you in advance

If you’re using a button card, you can add show_state: true for the words “Open” or “Closed” to display on the button.

type: button
entity: cover.garage
  action: toggle
show_name: true
show_icon: true
show_state: true

if you want to show state without method of control you just need to add it to entity card from frontend.

type: entity
entity: cover.ratgdo

Although this does make a card that only display’s status when I change toggle to none, all my windows and doors are on an entity card. If I have to I’ll redo the dashboard and use this method, but I would like to keep it somewhat organized the way I have it. Thank you for the help!

If I add this to the entity card, it shows up with the icon and also the controls to open and close the door. I’m trying to get it to just show the icon with just status saying open or closed. I do really appreciate the advice and Thank you.

Something like template-entity-row, which you can install from HACS, can help you customize each row of the entities card.

That is entities card

I said entity, there is a difference.

I’m giving up on this, it’s not worth the effort anymore and it’s just easier to add a Zigbee tilt sensor to the door for it to display “Open” or “Closed” status. Thank’s for all the advice, but this 50 year old auto mechanic can only do so much.

Not sure the difficulty.

Edit dashboard >> +add card >> enter “entity” in search >> select “entity” card not “entities” card >> put your cover.entity in entity box

You can only add a single entity to this card. If you want to combine this card to a single card showing multiple entities you would need create vertical stack card then add the Entities card and
Entity card to the vertical stack card.

To create the single entity card takes under 1 minute. The vertical stack maybe 5 but I would expect the vertical stack to take longer for you if you have not done this before

Again, both are fine in ui. I would agree about zigbee but ratgdo state is simply more accurate and why.

As a side note, you can add a card in ui and select any card >> select “show code editor” >> copy/paste code input above and add your cover

The visual code editor for not require you to stay with card you start with

Don’t get frustrated. It gets easier. It is a process.