Ratgdo working great on HA, but button doesn't work

I have installed my ratgdo (ESPHome flashed) on my LiftMaster GDO. My Home Assistant has full control and access to all the sensors. I have 2 issues:

  1. The wall button no longer works. It will not turn on the light or open/close the garage door. Also, the indicator light on the GDO wall button is flashing slowly. HA shows the binary sensor for the ‘Button’ to be OFF (not sure that is related, but I would assume so). The remote button in the car still works.
  2. The motion sensor no longer seems to be working. Historically, when there is motion in the garage, the light will come on; however, this is no longer happening. HA is consistently reading the motion sensor as ‘Clear’. I checked the obstruction sensors, and they are working correctly both in HA and on the GDO. (I always assumed the motion sensor is in the GDO, but if it is on the button, then this is obviously related to issue 1).

Any one have any suggestions on how to fix this?

For me the wall button works but the motion sensor does not turn on the lights anymore. I debugged with the ESPHome logging and I found that the motion sensor log never reports any motion. I can turn on/off the light with HA though.

Is this already a known issue?

What type of opener and what type of wall button? I just hooked up two units and they both work normally for me on my Chamberlain openers with the LCD wall buttons.

The motion sensor, at least for mine, is on the wall button so if your button isn’t working that is probably why it isn’t turning on the light.

Can you take a photo of how you have the wires connected to the ratgdo?

The garage door opener is a Chamberlain Whisper Drive 41AB050-2M. For the wall buttons, see a pic attached. In the logging I can see that the lock button works if I press and hold it.

According to this FAQ it sounds like because your wall button is analog it won’t work with ratgdo in security+ mode. You either have to replace the button (sounds easier to me) or switch to dry contact mode and install reed switches.

Ah, that makes sense. I read it in the file but was thinking that my panel is digital. Ok then, will get that upgraded :upside_down_face:

Turns out my garage door opener is not compatible with the digital panel so I had to keep my old analog one. I found a workaround for the motion sensor that turns on the light: I had a spare motion sensor for my xiaomi stuff so I installed this one and added an automation in HA. Works like a charm.

I have a LiftMaster door opener. I am currently using an extra Zigbee button, until I can get the old button to work.