Raw editor and check config missing

Hi all, My Hassio just updated to 0.97.2 and i’m now missing …

the option in “overview” tab to enter into the raw editor … see below pic (IE missing the three dot ? menu on the top right corner of the title bar)

Also when i go to “configuration - General” i’m missing the “check config” button and everything below it like restart , reload automations etc. see screen shot

also on a more minor note at the same time that the above happened i also now have a gap in my left hand menu … as per below pic

I’ve reinstalled a backup snapshot and that didn’t fix the issues. I’ve reboot the pi several times and i don’t have a great deal in the log file that i consider would relate to this issue as per below

Updating device list from legacy took longer than the scheduled scan interval 0:00:12
9:44 AM components/device_tracker/setup.py (WARNING) - message first occured at 8:36 AM and shows up 161 times
Retrying (Retry(total=1, connect=None, read=None, redirect=None, status=None)) after connection broken by ‘ReadTimeoutError(“HTTPSConnectionPool(host=‘api.life360.com’, port=443): Read timed out. (read timeout=3.05)”)’: /v3/circles/83ddbee2-e1c4-4715-9e8c-17295cbf78dd/members
9:01 AM components/life360/device_tracker.py (WARNING)
Unable to update from sensor: could not convert string to float: ‘unknown’
8:35 AM components/generic_thermostat/climate.py (ERROR)
Setup of platform darksky is taking over 10 seconds.
8:35 AM main.py (WARNING)
Setup of person is taking over 10 seconds.
8:35 AM main.py (WARNING)
Setup of input_boolean is taking over 10 seconds.
8:35 AM main.py (WARNING)
Setup of group is taking over 10 seconds.
8:35 AM main.py (WARNING)

Not too sure where i go from here to regain my missing items. Any advise appreciated

this is now under ‘server control’ in the config menu:

ahh so it is, thanks for that.

that’s that one taken care of… still love to know how to get my raw editor back though :slight_smile:

Its still there for me on 0.97.2

Not sure if this is required but do you have ‘advanced mode’ on under your login profile?


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yes i do thanks.

in order to try and fix this above issue, like i said, i tried restoring a recent backup i had. I’ve now just realised it wasnt recent enough so on top of the missing raw editor issue i’ve lost roughly 1.5 weeks worth of node red flows bangs head on table

At least i learnt two lessons today so far.

  1. the config button has moved
  2. make more regular backups before restoring HA :slight_smile:

You’re not using yaml mode for Lovelace? Or auto-generated Lovelace? You have the edit GUI available?

The last 3 months ive been using the raw editor to set up my lovelace cards however as mentioned i no longer have the hamburger menu in the top right of the overview screen where i used to click to edit via the edit gui

Do you use the custom-compact-header? You might have disabled it?

thanks for the reply. i’m not sure what that is so i’d have to say no on that one :slight_smile:

I’ve been working on a snips project on a seperate pi the last few weeks so between the HA pi working and not working i really hadn’t touched it other than in node red.

There’s 3 commandments for HA at this point of time:

  1. NEVER update before checking the changelog and breaking changes.
  2. NEVER update or make a change without a backup.
  3. NEVER update to a newly released version unless you can afford the downtime and the time to fix or rollback.

Nearly everything is documented in the changelog for every version, but there will ALWAYS be something that unexpectedly breaks either because of the bad update process, undocumented changes, new bugs, database gets corrupted, microSD decides to go bad, a bad configuration that won’t let your HA boot or start up correctly.

Use Google Drive Backup, this will save you tons of headaches. Local backups won’t save you.
Most of the time an update or change in the configuration files will go wrong and you won’t know how to fix, just rollback and start with the changes from scratch again. And from time to time the microSD will go BAD, this is why you can’t keep your backups locally, sooner or later but it WILL happen.
You need to store your backups somewhere else and the easiest way is with the Google Drive Backup add-on, it is foolproof.

Also easier to retrieve the backups than from a microSD with a broken Hassio instance, on local snapshots: unplug your microSD, you’ll need to look for the backups, save them somewhere else, reimage the microSD, boot up Hassio and then you can either copy back over the network or by shutting down Hassio and copying the files to the backup folder manually.
With Google Drive Backup just reinstall the add-on, log in, select the backup you want to download/restore and presto!

noted… and have just installed the google drive back up addon as well :slight_smile:

So what i noticed is so i can get to the lovelace gui and raw editor i now go to the developer options and click on the link that says “go to lovelace ui”
i then have access and the cards that i sued have when i went to “overview”

the overview screen shows the lovelace auto generated cards which sucks for my purpose but hopefullyi can work out how to add the lovelace ui to a ipanel or something

cheers for the replies

Sounds like at some point you had switched (albeit maybe accidentally) to the old ‘states’ ui. At least you are back on track

yes correct just stumbled across that. I had accidentally clicked the "set states page as default on your device " ( found in the developer tab.)

all sorted now, cheers

Guys, can anyone tell where has the “Check Config” button moved? Has it been removed or it has moved?

Oh never mind, I was able to get back the “Check Config” button after enabling the Advanced mode in the profile. For some reason it took some time to reflect on the UI.