Raw temperature values values in climate are in F and and displayed in HA in F, yet a conversion happens somewhere

I have a climate component that presents its raw values in F. Say 60.

But in HA it shows as 140F.

So esphome (and/or HA) thinks it’s C and makes a wrong conversion.

Can I tell esphome somehow the units of these values?

Or do I need to add code to make an explicit conversion to C? Would sound a little weird to me because then a double conversation would unnecessarily happen

agree with you that you should not be doing a math conversion, but instead be fixing the understanding of the units.

it sounds like it’s presenting F but it’s either advertising C or HA is presuming it’s c.
your climate component is one that you configured? take a look at the section in here:

about unit_of_measure. it specifies that it sets what units it’s advertising… it doesn’t do the conversion.

if so perhaps you need to set

unit_of_measurement: "°F"

to specify it’s advertising in F units?