Ray-traced floorplan UI with dynamic lights, hue, doors (sketchup, twilight + GIMP)

A few years ago I built a realistic floorplan UI with dynamic lights, colors and doors, based on the approaches described here, here and here. In my case I used ray-traced renders, which looks great and also creates realistic dynamic lighting with shadows etc. I also use card mod’s jinja2 templating capabilities instead of config template card, which seems to help it perform better on low-end wall-mounted tablets.

The pipeline consists just of free software, and is basically Sketchup Make 2017 → Twilight Render → GIMP → Picture Elements with Card Mod.

I recently had to do a V2 after some home renovations, and took the opportunity to capture detailed notes on the process, to make it easier if I ever need to do a V3. I hope this will be useful to someone else too.