Raynor MyQ Compatible Garage Door Opener Compatibility?

Hey guys…I’m hoping someone here has encountered a similar situation as where I’m finding myself! So my wife and I are moving in a few days, and the new house has Raynor branded, MyQ compatible Wifi garage door openers. I believe they’re Aviator II models, but
the Wifi/MyQ compatibility I’m sure about. I’m obviously hoping to integrate these into my HA, and surprisingly I can find absolutely zero info on HA and this brand

Now based on https://www.home-assistant.io/components/myq/, MyQ is compatible…however I’m not finding ‘Raynor’ in the list of compatible types. While I had not heard of the brand before, they are apparently owned by Chamberlain Group, and according to https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chamberlain_Group and a couple other articles I’ve read they’re basically another Liftmaster. Don’t suppose anyone has any personal confirmation or first hand experience with this brand and what I’m wanting to do, do they? Will I just be able to put ‘liftmaster’ or something as the MyQ Cover type and have it work? Fingers crossed someone can offer me some info here. Thanks!

EDIT: If worst comes to worst and no one replies, I’ll make sure to update this thread next week or whenever I’m able to get things set up and tested. Thanks!

UPDATE: In case anyone finds themselves in a similar situation in the future, I wanted to provide an update on my findings, and it’s good news!

I was indeed able to simply put ‘liftmaster’ as the type in the myq cover config and it is all working great! Consider this solved!