RBE Node Not Resetting

I am wanting to reset an RBE node after a specific amount of time since last getting a (new) message. Apparently to the Node-Red forums, I can accomplish this by passing msg.reset:true into the RBE node. However, not only is it not resetting the node, it is passing the full msg.object onwards, just adding msg.reset:true to the existing msg.object, which means I get each msg.object twice. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can reset the the RBE node, without passing on the existing msg.object?

Pastebin found here

You’re passing ‘true’ as a string. Change the message type to boolean.

Okay I am getting some really odd behavior.

When I inject ‘Open’ into it for the first time, it passes onto the debug node. However when the trigger node completes its timer, it resends the entire msg.object onto the debug node again, with that added msg.reset:true. Further, if I inject ‘Open’ into it again, it does not get passed into the debug node immediately, but hits the trigger node, waits for the timer to finish, and then passes it into the trigger node with that msg.reset:true still present.