Re configure entire zwave network?

So I’ve been using HA since the 0.70’s and have had some Z Wave devices (Aeotec stuff) since then.

Recently I’ve been adding some new devices and noticed that HA has quite a few outdated or what appear to be duplicate entities and some unavailable entities for some devices. I’m also having an issue with one of my new devices, as well as an Unknown Node that seems to be an old duplicate (which I can’t seem to remove).

Basically I’d like to clean things up.

I’m wondering if it would be easier to;

  • Reset my entire ZWave network and re-add all (6) devices, then do a fresh HA install (new Docker container) to reset all the entities. (My HA install isn’t particularly complicated, and I use NodeRed for most the Automations, so updating the entities Id’s there wouldn’t be that painful if required)
  • Use another tool (Docker container of ozwcp or any other suggestions? Paid is OK if it works. Z-Seer+ looks promising but seems to require a full Home Seer install?) To manage the ZWave network and try to clean it up. the HA UI for ZWave management is confusing to me, since there seems to be a mismatch between devices and entities and what I see in the zwave config xml file. This probably still involves a new HA instance afterwards.
  • Wait. Read a few threads here about up coming HA ZWave integration changes that will support the latest version of OpenZwave. Maybe that’s a better time to do this. Though that could be a while away.

Any advice or suggestions welcome. Cheers.

Hahaha, I now have 38 with nearly 200 sensors associated, so a lot of renaming required.
I’m going to have to bite this bullet as I’m moving from an aeotec z wave stick to an everspring (doesn’t need a hub on a pi 4) on a pi 4 with an ssd.
I feel your pain.
The upgrade path will keep people in the loop.
Current options are to move to an MQTT layer (mqtt2zwave) which will migrate to an ozw 1.6 mqtt layer or stick with the standard zwave installation that shall also be moving to ozw 1.6
From thereon in future upgrades (ozw 1.8 is being talked about) will be virtually transparent and just occur as a normal upgrade.
BOTH of the above will migrate to a separate docker for z wave

I want a clean slate so am jumping in the next couple of days but will be avoiding (if possible) the addition of an MQTT layer.


Would love to hear more about how your migration goes.