Re configure zigbee plug

Hi All,

I’ve purchased some zigbee UK plugs with power monitoring, they seem to be correctly monitoring the current power, but their Summation delivered is off the scale.
its connected to a device that has been steadyly drawing 65W from the wall, but in a hour the summation delivered is reading 75kWh. the total draw of the house for the day is only 16.2kWh.

is there a way to check/alter the calculation or are the plugs faulty?

Moved, nothing to do with node red.

What kind of plugs are they? There might be settings to alter the calculation, but not all plugs are created equal.

they are from amazon Here: - Plug

I have bought 4 prevoius ones of this type and they work fine.

How are you using ZigBee; zha or z2m?

What does the device show up as in HA? In devices and services.