Re-enable motion ios


I keep getting a message every time I open the iOS app. In past it worked fine. I tried all the setting it just keeps popping up on startup of the app.


Same here, it’s annoying


After searching for days, I finally found it.
You have to activate the ios-motion sensor in the Privacy settings of your Iphone.


Yup that did it no more warning.
Thanks for that.


i turned off the location tracking, but now i get every time opening the app a message if i want to re-enable the location access, how to avoid?


This is so annoying.
I turn off motion data because i dont need it.
Please disable this annoying screen.


I agree. I dont want motion tracking on my ipad because it is not used for that and turning it on drains my battery alot. Please disable this continual reminder. Once is enough.