Re-install modules

Hi guys,

I was mucking around with my system earlier, and then upgraded from 62.0 - 62.1 - at some point during this the pi crashed and I had to pull the plug.

When it came back up I was successfully on 62.1 but I’ve got 3 or 4 components that are complaining about dependencies

ImportError: No module named 'mutagen.id3._util'

…being the one for TTS (theres a couple of others, but they’r all “no module named XXX”

My guess is that it crashed whilst installing these on the upgrade - I’ve tried downgrading and upgrading again but on both downgrade and upgrade I still have the same problem (presumably because somewhere it thinks it’s already got them??). How do I do a ‘force’ install? Can I just deleted the contents of /srv/homeassistant/lib/python3.5/site-packages to force it??

Thanks in advance.

Hi @anon43302295, don’t know if this works for you, it’s from another topic

This generates a file with the versions of all the packages you have installed. It can be used later to re-install all those packages.

pip3 freeze —local > requirements.txt

Now we use the requirements.txt file we captured earlier.

pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Hope that helps!

Hey @VDRainer - thanks for that, but I think I have some major corruption on the SD card :cry:

Fortunaely I only rebuilt the system a couple of weeks ago on a new SD card, so I’ve just put the old one back in for now and updated it to my latest config (thank heavens for backups and Guthub!!).

Hopefully the corruption was a result of me having to pull the plug when it crashed and not the new SD card being poor quality.

I’ll rebuild it again over the weekend and see how it goes. Already thinking my next hardware adventure might be a NUC though :laughing:

Thanks again :+1: