Re-interview Device with Security?

So I had to completely blow up my z-wave setup to rollback to a generation 5 stick. The 700 is in the trash can, the firmware update didn’t fix anything for me …but my new problem is: I have 3 Yale locks that I added at the very end after waiting a couple days to build a solid mesh. The first two pairings went great but the last one added itself to the network with security and for despite being seen by the network, doesn’t do much else.

I’ve tried to reinterview the device through Zwave2Mqtt while selecting the “reset security class” option several times. Each time it successfully reinterviews the node but doesn’t update the security.

Sooooo my question is: Is there anyway to save this node without excluding it and having to re-include it? I know this sounds petty, but I’m trying my damnest to not have a gap in my nodes…any advice?

Shutdown zwavejs2mqtt. Factory reset the lock. If and only if the factory reset also excludes the node from the network, startup zwavejs2mqtt and do a replace failed node. Most nodes will exclude themself on a factory reset, although I’ve seen in the manual for at least one lock that doesn’t.

Yes it’s ridiculous. Just exclude and re-include the node instead of what I suggested above.

Haha…I figured I would get at least one response of someone calling me out. So, if I understand you correctly, there is no way to re-interview a node AND add security?

Couldn’t help myself.

Nope, the security bootstrapping is required during inclusion. It can’t be done afterwards.

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Ahhh shucks… appreciate the advice. There goes my perfect node streak! Thanks again.