Re-pairing Zigbe2mqtt Network Best Practice

Need advice/help with the re-pairing my network.
My Zigbee2mqtt network have Sonoff Zigbee 3.0 CC2652P coordinator and 57 devices on it which worked more or less fine until recently. Now I have cca dozen devices reporting lqi problem, go offline and wont come back until repairing and then again off etc.
Because I never strategically paired them to form backbone of routers and pair last end devices, I decided to do it all over again and make it proper way.
I have installed latest fw on the coordinator and placed it far from devices and make unique list of names and rules for it etc.
Now, before I start I would like to please for advise what is a best way to unpair all of it and re-pair it again?
I know that need to remove it from the network first all and then pair it, but there are some people that had a problem that devices wont pair again for some reason. So, maybe there is some tip to avoid such a problems?
No need to change the channel (or?). Channel is set on 25.
Maybe I need to change the coordinator for some better? Change channel? Pan ID? Enable Thread and Matter if possible on this coordinator? (I have CC2652E in reserve). To do some/any improvement before re-pairing process?
Thank you for any kind of advice and help.