Re-pairing Zigbee ZHA devices after doing an onboard restore to a new device

I have just backed up my existing HA setup and done an onboarding restore to a new compatible device. All seems good so far, except all of the Zigbee ZHA devices are showing as unavailable. Will they eventually come online automatically, or is there something (short of manually re-pairing) that I need to do to get them available on the new setup?

I want to avoid manually re-pairing if possible, as some of the devices are hidden behind heavy and awkward machines (washing machine, tumble dryer etc)

What does the log say?

Did you do a ZHA backup and migrate radio?

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Ah, I hadn’t heard of that before, I thought the full backup was all that was required. Will fire up the old kit again and do a ZHA backup, presumably download it, and then investigate the migrate radio options on the new kit (I had a quick look and it wasn’t obvious to me, so I might have to fire off a question to the manufacturer of the kit that I use).

As somebody who’s worked in software development, QA and comms protocols for 40 years, including a stint in setting up hardware in the early days of the PC, I find it scary quite how much stuff there is about which I am completely clueless on the hardware & configuration side of home automation. I have huge sympathy for non-techies trying to do this stuff.

Many thanks again

Unfortunately, the migrate radio functionality didn’t cope with this particular scenario. I actually tried both of the main options, plus sub-options, but none did what was required, so I’m now in the process of manually re-pairing all of the Zigbee devices. Not looking forward to doing the smart plug behind the washing machine. I don’t plan on doing another hardware migration for quite some time if I can avoid it.

I’m not sure you need to manually re-pair the devices. Before you go shifting all the heavy gear to set that smart plug into pairing mode, try turning the power off to the device at your breaker, then turning it back on. Worth a shot. (I’m assuming you are using the same coordinator)

Unfortunately, it’s not the same coordinator. I’ve re-paired everything manually with the exception of the smart plug behind the washing machine. Have to psyche myself up to that one - washing up liquid on the floor is how the repair bloke moves it

I have a couple of smart switch modules wired into the wall, they would be a pain to have to re-pair, so I understand your pain!