Re-send open/close command uppon clicking stop button

I have set up a command line integration to make my blinds available in Home Assistant as a cover device.

In order to pause them halfway, you need to press the same button you pressed to open/close the blind. So if you opened the blind with ‘open’, you’ll need to press ‘open’ again to stop it.

Is it possible to integrate this logic in the Home Assistant stop button? And if it is not possible, can I hide/disable the stop button alltogether?

I have a custom button row that will do what you want:

Thank you for the link, but as far as I could see this will apply only to browser/mobile clients, and not to automations, right?

yes, that’s right. it’s only for the UI.

Use the HA button card and trigger a automation when pushed?

Okay, but how can I create a automation that knows which action to take?

So if you push close, then the open button won’t stop it?
Or make 2 stop buttons :wink:

Correct. I need to send the same action again to stop the blind halfway.

I think I have found something, when I enable the ‘assumed state’, I can press the up/down button again to stop it. Is there a way I can hide the pre-programmed ‘stop’ action in my dashboards?