"Read and delete" type notifications for iOS device


I’m currently using Telegram to send out notifications to my phone.
What bothers me a little is that I “have to” manually delete each message in the Telegram app.
This is especially annoying in combination with the alerts component configured to send out repeated messages in short intervals.

I’m looking for a way to send notifications to my iPhone that disappear after being read (tapping an OK button would be fine).
Since there are dozens of notification components in HA now, could anyone recommend one that fits the profile?
I would prefer it, if the iOS app wasn’t a “battery drainer”.


I use the iOS app and havent noticed any battery drain personally. Where you using Location Tracking as well? If so then that might drain a little bit but personally the iOS notifications have been great.

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I tried it several months ago, but didn’t really like it.
I’ll give it another try, maybe I can use it for the notifications only.

Regarding the battery drain: I feel that since I installed Telegram, my battery drains faster.
Before, I got about 4 days battery life out of my phone, now I’m at a little more than 2 days.
At one point I installed Owntracks, so that probably has had an impact too.
I can live with 2 days battery life, but it shouldn’t drop more.


Have you tried push bullet?
It still keeps the messages rather than deleting as you wanted, but I dont think there is any perceptible battery drain.
BTW you can see what apps are using battery in settings on iOS.
Got to settings–>Battery.
I see that pushbullet used 1% of my battery in last charge cycle.

I gave the HA iOS app another try and still don’t really like it to control HA - I’m much more comfortable using the web interface.
Anyway, the notification capability is actually great and it’s exactly what I was looking for, so I’ll stick with it for now.

Thanks for the recommendation!


Ah you are one of the lucky ones who got beta access.