Read gas meter via mbus


I would like to read my Gas meter, so that I can have those values in my home assistant energy dashboard. I did find some ideas and solutions on the internet, but nothing I could work with.

In our house, there is one of those gas meters:

I did have a call with the manufacturers support and they told me that I could read the values via “mbus”. There is the 4-pin-interface bottom right on the device.

I was wondering, if anyone has found a (cheap, do-it-yourself) solution for this? I would prefer to use some ESP-based solution with mqtt to HomeAssistant.

Next to the gas meter, there is the water meter. This should be able to provide data via mbus as well. Or even wireless. Anybody ever done this? There seems to be an infra-red-interface on top of it?

A fun project would be this one. But I am not keen on installing two cameras… Welcome - AI on the Edge Device

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Same here. I have the same gas meter

I found an USB mBus Master Stick.

Is there a solution to simply plug that stick into my HA without using a second Raspi and Mqtt for that?