Read Only users for Grafana

Hi, i’m trying to add a read only users in HASSIO to view (and not edit) the Grafana dashboards.
For now i created a new users read only for HASSIO but not for grafana. The user can edit the graphs shared in Lovelace.
Ho can map a HASSIO read only user to an readonly (or anonymous) user in grafana?

Thanks too much!

I set all my dashboards to read only in Grafana. It’s easy enough to change if I ever want to edit them.

Hi, thanks for reply. I cannot share my admin credential. I need to make accessible graph on an viewer of HomeAssistant!


There are a couple of topics about this, there are two methods. Either embed the graph in an iframe card or use the direct link to image in a picture card. Both methods have issues. There’s no ideal way to do this at the moment.