Read only views for switches, lights, thermostat etc

With the addition of multiple dashboards I have been working on setting up a “guest” dashboard and I think it would be useful to have a read only view of some of the entities. I would like to be able to display the state of various switches and lights or the current thermostat settings but not allow them to be changed, not so much because I don’t trust my guests to not abuse the system but to reduce the likelihood of accidental changes while scrolling through things. Should I just go through and make template sensors for all the states I want to display? Is there some way I could set the actions for the entities to some kind of NO-OP service? Is this something I should accomplish with a custom card? I was just wondering if anyone else has tried doing something similar and what approach they took.

just use the custom button card (or anything with a lock) and add the lock to items. They will be able to scroll but it takes 2 taps to change the state. 1 to unlock and 1 to adjust.

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Or use the restriction card to lock anything.

The restriction card looks like what I was looking for, thanks.

Hello jaminh
I would like to make a guest dashboard as well. So far I haven’t figured out how to do it since everything seems to need credentials.
Can you explain quickly if your guest have to use some credentials ? and if you can access only one dashboard ?
Thanks for your help !

My plan was just to have guest credentials that I would share with people, but as it were I haven’t had a lot of guests the past year and half for some reason so it never really got used. Sorry I can’t be more help.