Read Theben Floor Sensor into Home Assistant

Can you help me? I would like to read the temperature of the floor with my Theben floor sensors. But how?

Initially, we wanted to implemt our smart home with KNX. During the (re)construction, the design was fully adapted to KNX. The Theben sensors we smeared into the cement screed. So there’s no way back!
In the meantime, we have made a different choice due to costs. So I fully dived into Home Assistant #party #party
But now I don’t know how we can affordably read the Theben floor sensors. Searched everything on the internet, but couldn’t find a solution.

So the aim is: read Theben floor sensors (Temperature sensor | Climate | Accessories | Theben) to Home Assistant.

Theben floor sensors have 2 wires. And this seems analogous(?).
Home Assistant is 2022.8.2
I have a free Shelly Uni at home. Possible solution? But which voltages and connection?

Thanks for your help!

Wow, the data sheet for these is really sparse :grimacing:
I guess you’d have to find out what kindling sensors these are (PT1000 / KTY etc). maybe the intended Theben device they should normally be connected to have something in their manual. Otherwise I would just call them and ask.

If you’re lucky you can then integrate these with ESPHome.