Read Values from NWS Daily Forecast

I would like to be able to use tomorrow’s forecast in an automation I am currently doing in Google Assistant. When I trigger the routine Google tells me the temperature tomorrow at 7 AM (the low temperature for today) and then the high temperature for tomorrow.

I have the NWS integration, and I can view these numbers, but I cannot figure out how to read them in an automation.

I’ve seen that there is some recent upheaval in how this all works in the NWS and integration, and some posts about people pulling hourly data every few minutes. They all seem like not quite what I am looking to do.

This far I have not learned about templates and things like that. Am I going to need to get into that to solve this problem?


*edit: my apologies, I forgot to mention, I am running this on Home Assistant Yellow if that makes any difference.

Make a sensor that pulls the forecasted temp. ie, tomorrow’s temp for me would be

  unit_of_measurement: "°F"
  value_template: "{{ state_attr('weather.abcd_daynight','forecast')[2]['temperature'] }}"

Then run your automation with that sensor being called, OR just run the automation calling the actual weather integration itself.

Yes (Assuming you are running the latest HA versions) … search around the community forum for something like: trigger template sensor for weather forecasts.

You will find people using a service call weather.get_forecasts in that trigger template as an action and in your case, use the type twice_daily. This will create a sensor with the twice_daily forecasts as an attribute.