Reading 433mhz RF signals?

So i’ve just setup a RF433mhz CC1101 with a nice 1m antenna,

My question is, how do I add random devices? There is so much RF noise from signals around me, how can I capture the actual values sent that I need?

Also, how do I handle rolling code? Is this possible?


There’s lots in the docs and many examples and discussions on this forum.

Hello again, @deanfourie :smiley:

Use an RTL-SDR USB dongle, and a one meter USB extension cable. Then install the RTL_433 add-on for Home Assistant. Depending on whether RTL_433 already knows your device, it may be fairly simple to configure. If it’s not already decoded/known, then it’s a bit more challenging. Rolling codes are a whole different ballgame. Typically not easy to pair and talk. :frowning:

Thanks, ill do this.

Will this work? Will this cover 433 as well?

Also, so what I need to find is a device that does not transmit using rolling code right?

Yes, it will. This part confirms it will receive a wide spectrum of frequencies:

Brand new RTL2832 (aka RTL2832U) RTL-SDR R820T USB dongle. Can be used as a Software Defined Radio (SDR) scanner.

Note these are not transmitters nor transceivers, only tuners/receivers.
Regarding rolling codes, there were a few software starts the last few years, but nothing that is currently usable.

Can you maybe link me a compatible RF transmitter to use? How do I know if the device is rolling code or not before purchasing?

Is Zigbee rolling code for example? Im just trying to get my head around how much flexibility I actually have now with 433 RF.

It seems like I cant use anything that uses rolling code, yet it seems everything, including the cheap chinese stuff out there uses rolling code.

Should be called rolling eyes :roll_eyes:

Most garage door openers and automobile key fobs use rolling codes for security purposes. If the opener/car is not explicitly paired with the key/remote, it simply ignores the transmissions.

A full list of the devices currently recognized (albeit it in C++ source code form) can be found at rtl_433/src/devices at master · merbanan/rtl_433 · GitHub Note that each file there can often be used to receive more than one device. The reason is, the devices all use the same hardware and software, and differ only in their external appearance and branding.