Reading/trigger of "Access Control event" in HA from Fibaro Home Center 2 Zipato Keypad

i switch from Fibaro Home Center 2 (HC2) to Home Assistant last week. I still use the HC2 as the primary Z-Wave controller in Home Assistant and is integrated with the “Fibaro integration” of HA.

I have a Zipato RFID Keypad registered in the HC2. In the HC2 a “Keypad press” is triggered with the Z-Wave “Access control event” and then the event starts a scene/automation for activating/deactivating the house alarm.

Now i want to change the automation to Home Assistant:

  • Is it possible to read out / to get the “Access Control Event” trigger in Home Assistant?
  • And if yes how can i manage that?
  • Or perhaps the alternative: Can i manage that only with a z-wave stick directly in the RASPI and without the HC2?

Kind regards