Reading Zwave devices configuration parapeters

Is there any way to READ configuration parameters of Zwave devices?
Currently it seems to be only possible to write them to a device either from UI or using services. Some of these parameters are exposed as entities’ states or attributes, but I understand that most is not, as it would create tons of entities/attributes. Yet some could be handy to be used in automation.
Simple example of what I’d like to achieve at the moment: I have Eurotronics TVR that has parameter to configure temperature offset between what it measures internally and what the real room temperature is (calibration, in other words). Since this is not linear, it is hard to set proper value that would work most of the time. So solutions are:

  • configure valve into external control mode and create full automation to manage valve opening based on external temp sensor,
  • create virtual generic termostat using TVR and external temperature sensor, loosing all build in functionality of TVR
  • dynamically set calibration so that valve measured temperature is matching real temperature and let the valve do the job of controlling water flow…

The last one would not be difficult if current temperature offset (e.g. configuration parameter) is known. Unfortunatelly it is only visible in UI, but not exposed as state or attribute value. Sort of solution is to have variable (input_number) that would be initially synced with this parameter and then used in calculation of new value. Problem is, that for unknown reason not always value given as parapemeter value is set into device. For example I can set value to 25 (+2.5C), but TVR is set to 24 (+2.4C). Not big deal, but after several recalibrations such changes starts to accumulate, so entire calibration start to drift…
Any idea how to read parameters to template? Is it possible at all? Or the solution is to reques new feature to have additional parameters being exposed as attributes?