Real links / open in new tab

I’ve noticed that in much of the configuration settings, for example when viewing integrations, devices, or entities, none of the items are real links, which means you can’t open them in new tabs by right clicking or option clicking. I’m surprised this is a huge hassle when trying to configure the system and wanting to open things side by side.

Each of these things has a real URL because once you click on them, there’s a URL that you arrive at (and if you refresh that URL you are in the same location). I think it would be a significant enhancement to expose this URL as a link in the user interface rather than relying exclusively on javascript to convert the click into the url that you end up at.

Currently the devices dashboard has the following event that gets triggered by the data table

  private _handleRowClicked(ev: HASSDomEvent<RowClickedEvent>) {
    const deviceId =;
    this._ignoreLocationChange = true;

I would keep this, but have the code insert a link around the device name so that the link to the device can be opened in a new tab or window, or copied directly from the devices dashboard. Could even keep the overall appearance and behavior exactly the same.

Would something like this be of interest?