Real-time data from SimpliSafe (HELP WANTED)

Hi all – I’ve recently drafted a PR that allows HASS to respond to real-time events from the SimpliSafe websocket:

I’ve tested this thoroughly in my home and it seems to be working well. There are two particular areas where I could use help, however:

  • Testing v2 (“original”) systems
  • Testing locks

If you are able and interested in helping, you may download the files from the above PR and install them in HASS as a custom component. Let me know if you have any questions!

Hey @bachya - I’m definitely interested in helping out and I have the V2 SimpliSafe system. I’m only one day into Home Assistant so not quite ready to dive into this, but I’ve done a lot of side projects writing to the (unofficial) SS API. Haven’t done anything with their websocket though so look forward to checking it out.

Once I have a better grip on HASS I’ll reach back out to see if you still want some beta testers.

Sounds good; thank you!