Real world example configuration.yaml

Having just started with Home Assistant I am struggling a bit with some of the documentation. Not because it is not comprehensive, more because it often assumes a familiarity I don’t have yet.

I used a HASS.IO build and the configuration file was pretty empty when it was setup. This means I have no real reference version of the configuration.yaml to pick through. Are there any examples of a configuration.yaml doing a whole house that I could pick through? Preferably one that has been created in a good style.

Little things like getting device trackers working on mobile phones etc. currently elude me. I use Opnsense for my router so not listed in the integrations however not that sure why the model of router would work. It is getting clearer and once I get it I will be able to shoot forward, just getting that holistic view is not quite there yet. Any pointers would be useful.

Hey Trevor

Check out some examples of complete configurations on github:


The cookbook contains many configuration.yaml examples.

@wall0301 you might want to check your link.

Thanks I didn’t think of looking on Github for this sort of thing. Have had a poke through some already and it is interesting, best practice seems to be splitting things up in included files, which is logical.

Just got to figure out how to find devices like mobile phones and I’m away :wink:

You’ll want to look into the device tracker component.