Realtek RTL2838UHIDIR for 868 MHz

I’ve got one of those Aliexpress dongles that uses this Realtek SDR. What I would like to do is read the data coming from my weather station, an Alecto 4800 which transmits data every 12 seconds on 868MHz.

I saw rtl_433 has support for some Alecto devices transmitting on 433MHz, has anyone managed to read data from the stations transmitting at 868 MHz?

I’ve been trying to set up an environment to read what is in the 868MHz band but so far no luck. Anyone who managed this?

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And to answer my own question, it seems that my Alecto device is in fact a Bresser 5-in-1 in disguise, at least according to the protocol used.

I managed to get data using the following command:

rtl_433 -f 868M -s 1024k -M level

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Hi, could you tell us which Realtek SDR dongle you got from Aliexpress?

Sure, it seems the product page does not exist anymore, here’s a screenshot:

Link to the shop I bought it from:

There’s a bunch of sellers that have this, just look at the number of orders and go with that one :slight_smile:

Realizing that this has been a long time ago, how did you get the RTL-SDR installed? My HA sees it, but only lists it in the hardware under “1-2”, not under any of the USB ports. I was reading that some people who have a Zooz Z-wave stick were able to get it to work if they removed the Z-wave stick, but so far, that hasn’t worked for me.

This is what I get -

Did you solve it @boctok55? I seem to have the same problem, also using Zooz Z-wave stick and RTL-SDR doesn’t show up as /dev/tty. I also tried to find other threads about this problem but only found this one.

Unfortunately, I did not.

Thank you for the feedback. I am fed up with rtl2838, even when it worked I sometimes had to restart everything or unplug and plugi it back in. I going to replace it with ESP32 + CC1101 and ESPHome, less stress on my RPi, can place it closer to the water meters and hopefully forget about it.

Where can I get one of those?!

One guy in Poland makes them and sells them through OLX Magic Meter -czytnik liczników radiowych wmbus cc1101 HA Domoticz mqtt Gliwice Łabędy •

If you want one but the seller won’t send it to you or you are having trouble using this platform - let me know and I can try to help you.