Reboot ADSL over internet?

Hi All

I have a Tasmota setup in Homeassistant, and I would like to reboot my ADSL modem remotely
Anyone who have created this setup and in a smart way?

Basically I guess a timer button that cut the power and restores it after 5 sec would accomplish this?


By remote , do you mean under wireless network?

And what is your Tasmota device is it a switch or something else?

@tom_l @Lisheng2016 Yes I just got the:
SONOFF® 4CH Pro R2 10A 2200W 2.4Ghz 433MHz RF Inching

I have flashed it with Tasmota and configured as always on when the power is connected!
I also added it to HA but I think that was a mistake someone could accidentally reboot my servers

I experienced the need for a reboot on my vacation, that is why I want this
Yes it’s on Wifi and by VPN I can connect to it remotely

This backlog command look promising would be cool to add it to HA with a PIN like an alarm…
The one I found using a password for a group didn’t really work like I wanted it to

I will read up on the “Remote router resets” thanks!