Reboot loop after upgrade on RPi Zero W

After the last two updates on my PIZero, I have ended up in a reboot loop and have had to reinstall. Although it’s hard to see it looks like it is complaining about a missing SSH server dependency before it starts the shutdown process.

The pi zero is specifically NOT recommended hardware.

Not recommended hardware:

OK, so, what does that mean? Why would not recommended hardware have anything do to with an upgrade breaking a dependency?

There is no guarantee that it will run or will continue to run on that hardware.

Hi @justlikeef, I’ve got several systems running on the RPi0W and have kept them updated without any issues, currently running HassOS 5.5 and 0.118.4

As @tom_l says HA don’t recommend the RPi0W but I’ve been running systems for over a year now, with only a few add-ons and connected devices but they work well.

What version did you update to that caused the issue?

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Unfortunately, I wasn’t watching close enough to be 100% sure, but it’s within the last two or three versions previous to HassOS 4.17 and 118.4.

Now that I’ve seen it more than once, I’ll pay more attention. My primary question is how to see what’s going on, but I guess I can mount the root partition and look at the messages, but is there something better/more?