Reboot or restart Home Assistant

I am running on a Pi 3.
Often, when making doing something wrong with the configuration, the system does not start properly, which is ok.
But :

  • I can correct the mistake, the configuration file is reachable.
  • the webpage is not available
  • rebooting the system through the ssh-addon does not work

How do I restart the assistant without having to power off/on the Pi ?

Which installation method did you use? Are you running hassbian or Do you have ssh access? with a predefined image.
I have access via ssh ( through the ssh addon ).
When I enter ‘reboot’ there, the system goes down, but does not come up again.

I cant wait to see a answer, I run hassio aswell and got stuck frequently ending up flashing hassio again…

Thx in advance

Instead of issueing a ‘reboot’ command, try this

hassio homeassistant stop
hassio host reboot (or shutdown).

This is the safest way to restart the host, as it ensures that homeassistant is completely shutdown before bouncing the host.

Alternatively, you can issue
hassio homeassistant restart (or issue a stop, then a start)

Also, you should run the check config command from the UI or CLI if you have made configuration changes prior to restarting HA.

@dap35 Do you mean i need to send both commands at same time ?
I just send the “hassio homeassistant stop” command true ssh but wil not be able to send “hassio host reboot” command :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry for my lack of knowledge (I’am not a computer expert) Thx for reply

The SSH add-on is a separate container than the HA container so doing hassio homeassistant stop shouldn’t stop your SSH from working.

@tboyce1 is correct. Your SSH connection is independant of whether HA is running or not, it runs in a seperate container, so essentially if the host OS on the Pi is running, then you should be fine.

Typically, you just need to restart HomeAssistant (HA), so you only need to issue the ‘hassio homeassistant restart’ command. There are times you may want/need to stop and give you a chance to fix some other things. Then you can use ‘hassio homeassistant stop’. When you are ready to go again, ‘hassio homeassistant start’

Thanks for the info :upside_down_face:

The first time i send the stop command my ssh said he couldn’t connect after restart putty i could reboot the system

I found the check config in the UI as well this wel help me a lot ! :bowing_man: