Reboot the Pi, now Node Red won't start - Where to look


I was trying to troubleshoot an Alexa connection problem, and I would normally reboot the Raspberry Pi, and 5 minutes later Home Assistant would be online. Everything seems to be working except that Node Red refuses to start. I didn’t make any changes, this just happened after a reboot.

Does anyone have a tip on where I should be looking for the problem?
What would you do next?

I don’t think I’ve done much in Node Red, so a restore to the last snapshot is a possibility.

UPDATE- I tried a clone of my Micro SD card from three weeks ago, and no difference. Everything in Home Assistant works, except for Node Red.

Home Assistant 0.83.1


Can you access your node red machine on port 1880 using a web browser?

Do you have node red installed as a service under Raspbian?


Sounds like you are runninf Node-Red as HA-Addon. There are 2 options I can think of

  1. Create a snapshot of your current system and restore back a previous one… than test it
  2. There was an issue with BigTimer node which prevented node-red to start… have a look in this thread


Thanks for the reply. Not seeing Node Red on port 1880 was my first clue. I did get to the login screen a couple of times, but no further.


Yes, it is an HA Addon. I am not running Raspian on the Home Assistant Pi.
I thought of doing the snapshot restore to a snapshot of last week. How would that be different from changing the Micro SD card for a clone from three weeks ago?

I also read somewhere that removing Node Red and deleting the ~/config/node-red folder completely then reinstalling Node-Red through the Add-on store worked. But that would make all my flows go away. (Are all my flows in flows.json?).

Looking at the error log (on the info page) I did see an error associated with BigTimer. Thanks for the link (Big Timer won’t allow node red to start), I’ve got some reading to do. Come to think of it, I did do an upgrade to Node Red 1.3.0 recently (that will teach me to not do upgrades).

I can’t install NPM on the HassOS image, so ‘npm audit’ won’t run either.

Again, thanks for pointing me to that link.



I had bad experience with cloned SD card.

Using a previous snapshot is usually the faster route and works well.

I have removed my HA-Node-Red addon and installed the Node-Red on a dedicated RPi which resulted in a better response time and much less hassle :slight_smile:


Actually, I rotate through them. Every two or three weeks I clone my current SD card, then boot from the clone. I have three cards so I clone 1 -> 2, then boot from #2. Two weeks later, I clone 2 ->3 and boot from #3, finally two weeks later I clone 3 -> 1 and boot from #1. This way if I have a bad clone, I’ll know right away and can fallback to where I was just a few hours later.

The link that you forwarded to me seems to describe my problem exactly. The error log even looked like mine with a BigTimer error. So, I am making a snapshot now and will then upgrade Node Red add-on to Version 1.3.2.

That fixed the problem.
Thanks a whole bunch.

And a few minutes more.
OK, I did have to do a couple of additional steps. The problem was first apparent when I discovered that any Alexa command (using the Alexa Home node) was met with “…is not responding”.
So, after the update I noticed that some of my nodes had an error “EADDRINUSE”. That was easily fixed by forcing a re-deploy. Alexa still wasn’t working then I remembered that I had tried a discovery from the Alexa app before I realized that my Node Red wasn’t working, so Alexa had marked those nodes as “offline”. A simple “discover” fixed that, too.