Rebooting home assistant throws a strange error

Logger: homeassistant.setup
First occurred: 4:01:13 PM (1 occurrences)
Last logged: 4:01:13 PM

Setup failed for select: Integration not found.

Nothing seems to be broken as far as I can tell and I don’t know what integration would possibly be called select… any ideas?

Select is a new helper type only available to integrations. It’s like an input_select but the end user can’t change the selection options. They come predefined.

You probably have an integration that is using this new helper but are running an old version of Home Assistant that does not support it.

What version of Home Assistant are you running?

Interesting, that makes sense I guess! I’m on 2021.6.3 so not the latest and there’s a good chance one of the integrations I’m using is newer than that… It seems like a benign error so I think I’ll ignore it for now, and try updating later (don’t want to break things just yet).

One of the integrations I know uses the select helper is WLED. It makes the colour pallets available.