Rebooting the hassio host from ssh in terminal results in a dead hassio

I am having a real issue with Hassio when using the command reboot hassio host done so from the ssh terminal instance. Nothing seems to bring the device back on line… I waited ten minutes the first time and nothing, then I pulled the plug waited about ten seconds plugged it back in and now 20 min later still nothing… I tried to ssh into the device, and the cursor just sits there blankly like its about to do something but never follows through. I don’t get any message that it can’t connect nor do I see the next line asking me to input my ssh password in the terminal.

It goes without saying that the webUI is a total wash, as nothing connects there either. Not sure what I should do next. There are lights on the device itself so its getting power, and rechecked the network connection.

I was trying to remedy another problem via a reboot that occurred shortly after my last update where my Schlage lock was showing an error message in the GUI as :frowning: DEAD (Dynamic) or something like that, and became uncontrollable remotely. other ZWAVE devices worked fine, so I thought maybe a reboot would iron out the wrinkle. In doing so, I created a worse problem. Frustrating. Nothing was edited before the reboot, all I did was reboot.

Any ideas? I’m running version 0.63? the latest one anyhow.

Update: FIXED

Simplest solution the easiest. Took batteries out of lock, put them back in. voila. working now. unfortunately it took me all day to reinstall hassio from that jacked reboot in ssh.